We Specialize In Foundation Repair

Waterproof Solutions has been helping keep St. Louis homes dry for more than 20 years. We don’t believe in short term patches. Instead, we fix the damage, and we fix the problem. We carefully evaluate your property to find the right solution for your home, each and every time.

We don’t sell products, we offer solutions based on “concrete” science and our decades of experience in the business.
Our Goal – to ensure a project’s success and exceed our customer’s expectations, by developing an individual solution to every wet foundation. We don’t just repair your basement, we waterproof your home.

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Meet Our Founder, Stephen Burton

In this introduction, Stephen shares his passion for his work and the philosophy that guides Waterproof Solutions. We know you need someone to address problems in your home’s foundation. But we look at more than that. We want to make sure that you – the homeowner – have all your questions answered, and that we provide you with the right solution to fit your needs. Have a problem? Call us. Stephen has the answers.

What Makes Us Different

We will tell you the truth—always.

When we fix foundations and basements —we do not cover up the problem with cosmetic fixes or patches. We do the job right.

We are local.

To work in foundation repair here—or really anywhere—a foundation repair company should understand the factors that affect structures in the area. So it helps if the repair people live there.

Specifically, Foundation repair in St Louis requires a specific knowledge of our unusual topography, the weather, and the most common types of foundations found in older homes. This ensures that the right tools are being applied to the situation. Waterproof Solutions Residential Services meets all those benchmarks. We are locals and are trained to spot the causes of the problems homes here face.

foundation repair in St Louis

In Your Basement With Stephen Burton

Here, you will find a collection of videos made on actual client calls. Stephen walks you through the problem that needs addressing and the solution. At Waterproof Solutions, education is our passion! We want homeowners to know what’s going on with their foundation so that they can make informed decisions that work best for them. We hope you find these videos helpful.