Adding a Drainage System to an Older Home

by | Jun 10, 2024

This month, Stephen and the Waterproof Team are are in a house with CMU, block foundation. The homeowner wants to add a drainage system to the home before putting it on the market.


Hi, this is Steven, with Waterproof Solutions. I’m at a house on Near. And at the end of the day, it’s a CMU house, block foundation. You can see the coatings that were on this. This was on the house prior. There’s an addition going back here. And again, some of this had been done to it. This was an attempt to keep the walls from being moist. It’s not really a waterproofing thing, although we’re sold that idea.

But the homeowner now wants to offer the house with the system. And if you complained about the house being hot and it didn’t have air conditioning. Well, you really wouldn’t have much of an argument. You could get a fan. But when it comes to waterproofing a house, these weren’t built with systems in them. So you’re adding value to the house by adding it. Now, there’s really no reason to do more than what we’re doing at this time. We have the footprint of the house here. We’re basically sitting back here in this corner. So, we’re going to come down this side of the wall, go into the garage, and then there’s the driveways here. And this to be a tuck under, which is now all home.

So, we’re going to come around and we’re going to stop before we run all the way across that driveway. So, there’s no reason for that. We’re going to put a pump in this corner or see if we can’t get it inside the porch. Then we could take that water where the outside drainage. There’s a box out here running to the front. The downspouts are going to the front. There’s a channel that runs around here, driveway. So water management has been done.

The last step was to just add the system. Of course, we want to do that last, but the water coming from the neighbor, hitting the French drains, it’s all working very well. So that’s why the house hasn’t been pushed around at all. And that’s why we don’t have any real structural issues with it. It’s just going to need some water taken out. So basically, if the floor were here and we take it out, we’ll be drilling holes in the bottom block so that they empty into the system, growth plates put in. Works real well. It’s a dusty project, so we’ll come in and we’ll do everything we can to protect what you’ve got going on here.

But the good news is we can walk in from the front. Having said this, this is a very small job, so we should be able to get pushed in a little quicker than we might, something that’s a little larger than this. But if anybody has any questions or wants to talk about this, my name is Stephen Burton, the Waterproof Solutions. We’re happy to do so. Thank you so much.

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