Adding a Sump Pump and Drainage System to an Existing Home

by | Apr 1, 2024

Stephen and the Waterproof team are in a home with a cast-in-place foundation that doesn’t have a drainage system. It is a solidly built home that simply needs a drainage system and some repairs caused by relatively minor water damage that will get worse unless it’s remedied.

Stephen is explaining why a drainage system is necessary and is walking the homeowner through the plans for the home that include tearing up small sections of floor around the footings in order to add drainage tile, a sump pump, and cove plating. He’ll also be injecting sealants into the cracks in the walls.

Take a listen as Stephen talks about the pros and cons of different types of repairs.


This is Steven from Waterproof Solutions. What am I in today? Cast-in-place foundation. That’s a Concrete between two forms. Really good shape, totally tall floor. Everything about the house is operating as designed.

It just wasn’t designed with a water proofing system in it. That consists of drain towel and a sump pump. We break the floor out about 12 to 14 inches off the floor, earth out to the bottom of the footing. We put geo-textile fabric in the trench. We use river rock, Four-inch ADS drain tile pipe. There’s a vapor barrier put over the top. We’ll put cove plate in where we have issues with the walls.

Now, your front wall has a couple of diagonal cracks in it. I believe we’ll run  it on that wall for sure. Not sure if it’s going to be necessary on the back wall or not. That will depend upon how the footing in the wall looks when we open the floor up. The water will all go to a sump pump and then we’ll be discharged out to a drywell in the yard. We’ll also take a look at the downspouts and make sure that they’re at least 10 feet away from the house so that they don’t have water coming back at the house.

So it’s important; water management. Water is heavy. We need to get it away from the house so it doesn’t hurt the house. So we’re going to be taking care of three different cracks on the walls, one that we can’t see.

Drywall will get taken up. When you’re taking it up, just take it up underneath the electric so you don’t have a lot of work to do. We just got to get a pry bar, and I say, we, I won’t be doing any of it. Nice smooth hands here. He’ll take a pry bar and they’ll come in to break the floor out to do it properly

In addition, if you’ll pan with me back to this room because there is a detail we want to talk about. Behind the curtain, kids, that’s right. Behind the purple curtain. Okay. The other crack is going to be, and remember, kids, crack kills. All right. There’s another diagonal over here. On the drawing, you’re going to see CCCF. That means closed cell urethane is going to be injected in the wall. It’s a waterproofing stuff. Then there’ll be carbon fiber over the top, which makes it like braces on a teeth.

On a teeth . . .

Hi Ya’all.

Okay, as we come over here, it’s a egress window. We’re going to put a drain in it that will come into my system. I believe the pump is going to go in this back corner. We will look outside to make sure that’s appropriate. We’ve got power over here. That’s good.

I don’t like a GFI for a pump because it’s way too sensitive. It’s actually code.




Not smart in my world, and most people would agree. So I’d get you maybe another outlet for the pump and run it. You just won’t know if it’s clicked off or not. So then the discharge will go out in a way. And again, if this isn’t the right spot, we’ll dictate outside with an update if all of a sudden we’re not in the right spot for the pump.

So having said that, system, take care of some cracks, upgrade the pump to a sewage pump so that we take care of anything that would happen there. And window well drain, we’re good to go. Again, Stephen Burton with Waterproof Solutions. Thank you very much.

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