Bleeders Have No Place in a Foundation Wall

by | Nov 7, 2018

So, you know I talk a lot about different types of repairs that are out there. But, I’m old school man, I was out there when we were trying to jam these things full of hydraulic cement.

Well, some of these companies out there still let the walls leak and they might put plastic up in front of them they may be different things. But bleeders were how they were done in the old days. If you’re like what’s a bleeder? This is a bleeder. You see this hose has these holes in it? Well this was done after the age of epoxy. Ehh, what a lunch bucket… what?

Foundation Wall Repair

Why would you want your wall to leak? Now we have to take this completely down, get this out of there, inject this properly with a closed cell urethane, maybe a high viscosity epoxy if it’s big enough now, if it’s eroded enough, and get this out of here.

But that’s called a bleeder folks. And nobody wants water going through their wall. That doesn’t make any sense. It kills the wall off one cement particle at a time. So, we’re going to fix that, but I thought it would be interesting for you all to see what a bleeder looks like. Until next time.