Builder Plate Doesn’t Last

by | Jan 23, 2019

Check Out This Video About Builder Plate

On my knees again! Stay away from it folks, let’s keep this a PG show.

Look at this. This is what’s interesting. This is a cove plate that the builder puts in. You see the 45 degree a little bit at the top there. But what they do is they put that in and then they pour the slab and their idea is that if anything leaks from the wall it will make it in and below the floor. Well, obviously that doesn’t work.

The Basement Repair That Didn’t Work

But, in case anyone ever sees that little edge sticking out around their perimeter, that’s what that is. So, when you see the amount of water that we see here the biggest thing we want to make sure is that we don’t have a breach where the foundation wall and the footing is.

This is what’s called about to be crumbed. Right now, it’s just at the initial breakout. They’ll crumb the rest of this out, take it down in front of the footing then we’ll be able to see the relationship between the footing and the wall,

To make sure that we don’t have any anomalies in the pour or possible fractures in the footing that just hasn’t showed up to the house yet.

Now obviously we’re not trying to find problems, but our job is to find anything that is there, so we don’t just waltz through these things.

So, right now we’re about to do a full perimeter drain tile system for the most part. We’re not going to march back into a finished area because there’s no reason to behind the garage area. But we’re also going to be reinforcing the rear wall in this house because it’s had some movement in based on the yard.

Stay Tuned For the Basement Repair from Waterproof Solutions

So, there’ll be some more videos, but just wanted to let you all know… builders cove plate… wha wha wha wha…