Cold Joint

by | Apr 21, 2019

Okay. We’re at a cast and place foundation, and what we basically have at Debbie’s house is we’ve got the front wall is starting to leak.

They had lateral work done, and when they came in to break the floor out, they caused what’s called a cold joint leak.

And that’s where two pieces of concrete are put together, that’s a cold joint. So now its leaking like crazy, causing a lot of mold down here.

She’s had the tile taken up. Now we have to deal with mold. She actually has water coming up, in a hole, right next to the pipe here. Fortunately, it runs right into the sewer.

So, we are going to put an option together for two walls as well as four walls. We don’t want to spend her money on a four-wall system if we don’t need it but at the same time, I don’t know her basement as well as she does. That’s where we’re at with this, and this would be cold joint.