Waterproofing a Seeping Cold Joint

by | Aug 8, 2021

 Today, Stephen Burton and the Waterproof Solutions team are in a concrete basement with a leaking cold joint caused by a repair made by a competitor.  Listen in as Stephen discusses the problems it’s caused, as well as other repairs that need to be addressed, and how Waterproof Solutions will deal with it all.

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The Waterproof Solution

You’ll notice that this wall is not a load bearing wall in the sense that the floor joist is sitting on it. One beam isn’t even properly supported at the top.

We really need to drop the hydrostatic issues down and the real challenge will be working around these 3′ x 3′ legs here. That’s where the water is really migrating up.

We’re going to install a second sump in this corner. (We’ll need power for that because we don’t do the electric.) Then we’ll discharge the water away. That way we can draw most of the water away from the front of the house.

If somebody is going to break your floor open to do work on your house, there should be a drainage system in place, or one needs to be installed, because you are about to make a leak.

So if someone tells you your house needs bracing or piered, you might say, “Well, since I’m going to have to open up the floor to have a drain tile system put in, I might as well look at the footing.” Then you can tell if your footing is broken or not.

Lateral movement doesn’t necessarily mean the footing is broken, up and down, yes.

That’s your tip for today! Thank you, Stephen from Waterproof Solutions.