Crack Behind Electric Panel

by | Jan 15, 2021

Do it right Or not at all!

Posted by Stephen Burton on Tuesday, September 15, 2020


This is the house from our January 15th post. I meant to cover this in the last video. But we’re going to talk about it today because it’s important. We found a crack behind the electric panel. Let’s get into it.

The Problem

There is a crack behind the electrical panel. I’m not going to mention the name of the company that did this work. But they didn’t do it correctly. When they talked to the client about it, they gave the client a choice. They could either inject the wall with closed cell all the way up to the edge of the box or have it lifted up by an electrician and do it right so the water couldn’t get into the box.

By injecting it lower, they left a place for the water to come in through the panel or up through the floor. Not doing it right shouldn’t have been a choice.

The Waterproof Solution

We either need to go outside and do a dig and seal or lift the electrical panel up and inject the closed cell so that we don’t wind up having issues with water in the house. I’m not trying to pick, but this is a dangerous situation that needs to be rectified.

We’re going to go outside and see if we can get to it. If we can get to it, we’re going to do a dig and seal. And we’re going to do it for free.

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