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by | Jan 16, 2022

Waterproofing a Seeping Cold Joint

 Today Stephen Burton and the Waterproof Solution team are in a concrete basement with a leaking cold joint caused by a repair made by a competitor. Listen in as Stephen discusses the problems it’s caused and how his team is going to repair it.

Crack in Foundation

A section of the foundation of this house has broken loose, causing an extensive series of horizontal cracks.

Failed Rebar

When a basement is built, they use snap ties to hold the forms and the rebar together. Sometimes, water migrates through an opening in the concrete around one of the ends of the snap ties and reaches the rebar. The water causes the rebar to expand—up to seven times the original size—causing the concrete to blow out.

To Pier or Not to Pier

So there was a patch on a wall using hydraulic cement. Below that, there’s a break in the footing. And there’s no associated breaks in the rest of the foundation, so it’s in a very bound up kind of situation.

Foundation Repair and Waterproof Solutions

Waterproof Solutions Residential has been helping keep St. Louis dry for more than 20 years. We don’t believe in short term patches. Instead, we fix the damage, and we fix the problem. We carefully evaluate your property to find the right solution for your home, each and every time.

We don’t sell products, we offer solutions based on “concrete” science and our decades of experience in the business.
Our Goal – to ensure a project’s success and exceed our customer’s expectations, by developing an individual solution to every wet foundation. We don’t just repair your basement, we waterproof your home.

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