Drywall is Bubbling

by | Jan 5, 2019

What’s happenin’ St. Louis? Well, this is one of those things where you buy this beautiful condominium, it’s dressed to the nines, but when you’re buying it there’s a little something wrong with the drywall and they’re like well we’ll fix that for you before we get you in.

Following the Clues

Well, when you don’t know to ask the question, why was the drywall wrong there, it leads to many questions, and as we looked around, we started finding rust and things, so we realized there was a plumbing issue at one point.

That’s handled now. We’ve gotten up and we’ve checked it, we did find some black mold in a couple of areas, I’m not trying to be ohh… black mold…ohh but we want to cut it out. It takes a while for wood to deteriorate.

Foundation Problems Start Small

Well this little spot, the big one to fix with the drywall, you know folks, I’m not that strong. This isn’t even toothpick wood anymore. This has taken so long to rot, but instead of addressing and having the guts to take a piece of drywall down…you should’ve seen this insulation, it was all caked up with mud. We could’ve had termites and everything else. This just leads to a whole lot, so, a minor injection, a little carbon fiber and this could’ve been fixed.

Now, for every action is a reaction. This is a little displaced here, so we may have another crack some place along the way. In the garage they’ve totally coated the tops of the frost wall, so, we can’t see it. So, is it the end of the world? No, but man what a bummer.

So, if something’s afoot and doesn’t seem right and drywall, your house will talk to you. Ask the questions but ask the expert. Until next time.

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