Financing For Foundation Repairs

by | Dec 20, 2019

Financing is now available for your foundation repairs. We are thrilled to offer this option to our Waterproof Solutions customers. If you have a foundation problem, you know you can’t afford to ignore it. We hope offering a finance option will make your life easier and maybe a little more stress free.

Finding Foundation Problems

Often times the early signs of a foundation problem go unnoticed by most homeowners. As an example, a small crack in the driveway might seem unimportant. But that small crack might be an indication that your foundation is shifting, or that your driveway is sliding.  If that’s the case, there is a much larger and more expensive problem developing. It might also be the case that you unknowingly purchased a home with an existing problem. We encourage people all the time to call us before purchasing a home. We have saved several customers from making very costly mistakes. If you were unaware of a foundation problem when you bought the home, it could be a long time before you realize there’s an issue. Homeowners usually don’t call us, until one day when something gives. And when it does, no cheap and easy fix will correct it. Sometimes foundation problems develop for years before they become apparent. Generally, the more time passes, the more expensive the foundation problems are to fix.

Home Inspectors Are Not Concrete Experts

Even if you call a home inspector, a foundation issue could still be missed. Most home inspectors are more focused on the roof and the systems of the house. Unless the foundation issue is obvious, it could be overlooked. The truth is the average home inspector usually doesn’t know a lot about foundation problems. Every foundation is different. To be a foundation expert, is to be a concrete expert. And that requires years of education and experience in the industry.

We Are Also Neighborhood Experts

We understand the building trends of the city. St. Louis is an old city. Different neighborhoods were built using different building practices and materials. If we get a call to St. Louis Hills, or The Hill, or Soulard, I already have an idea of what I’m going to find there, because we know generally when and how those homes were built. In the same way a mechanic knows different cars built in different years, we know foundations in different neighborhoods.

Foundation Problems Are Easy to Miss

Whether you built the house you live in, or you purchased it from somewhere else, it is easy to miss foundation issues if you don’t know where to look, or what you are looking for. In fact, it is unusual for a homeowner to call us at the beginning of a problem. Most of the time people call us when the cracks are large, when a wall starts to bow or when there is already water in the basement.

Fixing Your Foundation the Right Way

Foundations are everything. So it’s really important to fix them the right way. Unfortunately the right way is almost never the easy, or the least expensive way. It’s not unusual for a repair job to require dirt work or the use of heavy equipment. And it always requires a team of trained professionals. Whatever the cause or correction, we dig into the bones of the house and fix it right.

Financing Options

By offering financing to our Waterproof Solutions customers, we hope to make the whole process of foundation repair less stressful and more manageable. Feel free to contact our office to get information about your options.