Foundation Assessment

by | Nov 1, 2020

Foundation Problem

So we’re in the house. It looks like we’ve got a little bit of an issue here. Go ahead and inject that. Anything coming over the top of the wall, though, obviously is going to have to be dealt with in a little different manner. As we make our way down the back wall here. Looks like we’ve got finished walls, so I really don’t know if we have any cracks but behind there or not. As we make our way down, we’re in the bathroom.

So we’ll be able to come through here, but the tub would have to come out. Toilet be pulled. The kitchen, has to come out. The drywall needs to be up two feet. That way we can go ahead and take care of things because we can see it’s leaked pretty good. There’s a crack in the front wall here that we’re going to need to deal with.

I remember getting that last time. I could see that. I don’t know what’s happening here with all of this movement up there. Just not quite sure. So as we make our way into this back little room here, we’ve got drywall up so it would be best to take the drywall up two feet along these areas here. So if there’s any wall cracks, we can add that to the bid. We appreciate you. Thank you so much.

Hopefully this will help you, certainly will help our guys see what they’ve got to deal with here. So it’s driveway wall rear wall washer dryer pads got to get put back so it’ll sit flat. OK, end of movie. Thank you.