Foundation Repair

St. Louis is known for its many seasons of wet, cold, hot, and dry. Waterproof Solutions Residential are experts at knowing how these seasons and weather conditions affect your home’s foundation.

When it comes to foundation issues or repair in the St. Louis area, there are many signs to look for as evidence of a problem. The obvious would be standing water in your basement. The not so obvious would be if water is seeping through cracks in your foundation or behind walls.

Waterproof Solutions Residential will do a complete diagnostic evaluation of your foundation basement, flooring, inside and outside walls, and surrounding areas of your yard. These are the areas that are most affected by water leakage in or around your foundation.

At Waterproof Solutions Residential we don’t just fix foundation problems but we find real solutions. If a problem area is detected, our team of foundation experts will analyze the data and decide upon the best way to solve it and keep your family safe and dry.

Waterproof Solutions Residential has over 20 years’ experience, being locally owned and operated in the St. Louis area. We offer free estimates, are fully insured, and are BBB accredited. Call us today for your free foundation evaluation.

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