Foundation Repair

Stephen Burton, the owner of Waterproof Solutions Residential Services, and his staff are the supreme experts on foundation repair in St Louis.

What makes us different?

A code of honor

Waterproof Solutions Residential Services operates by a code of honor that is focused on honesty and integrity in all our interactions and in all our work. We will tell you the truth—always.

When we fix foundations and basements —we do not cover up the problem with cosmetic fixes or patches. We do the job right. Waterproof Solutions will never minimize your problem, but we won’t blow it out of proportion either. Stephen and his team will tell you the truth and nothing but the truth.

We are local.

To work in foundation repair here—or really anywhere—a foundation repair company should understand the factors that affect structures in the area. So it helps if the repair people live there.

Specifically, Foundation repair in St Louis  requires a specific knowledge of our unusual topography, the weather, and the most common types of foundations found in older homes. This ensures that the right tools are being applied to the situation. Waterproof Solutions Residential Services meets all those benchmarks. We are locals and are trained to spot the causes of the problems homes here face.

While not ALL of the foundation repair here is the result of weather, the majority of our work comes from weather-related damage. And because we live here too, we are intimately familiar with this region’s many seasons—cold & wet, cold & dry, hot & wet, hot & dry, flood season, and drought season. This makes us experts on all the havoc the elements can wreak on a home if not prevented or addressed as soon as the first signs appear.

We are not part of a larger chain

For us, it’s personal. We don’t answer to someone up the line and we don’t have to worry about someone else’s profit margins. When we need to fix foundations and basements for our clients, we don’t have to wait for approval from someone in a suit. And we don’t have someone up the line telling us to do the job quickly and without wasting extra effort. We go the extra mile to ensure that the job is done right.

Our experience with foundation repair in St Louis

Waterproof Solutions Residential Services has over 20 years’ experience! We know that the ins and outs of foundation repair in St Louis are different from the ins and outs of repairs in places like Tulsa, Oklahoma or Detroit, Michigan. And chances are very good that you aren’t going to bring us a problem we’ve never seen before. And even if the unlikely happens and you do, we can easily call up what we do know and apply it to your issue. We really are that good.

We encourage customers to call sooner than later

It would be great if spotting problems with your foundation was as obvious as standing water in your basement, but it is not that simple (nor should you wait for that to happen). Water can cause a lot of subtle problems that are often not noticed until much of the damage is done—cracks along the floor or bowed walls, shifting foundations, and even less obvious signs like unusual damp spots. It’s easier to fix foundations and basements before the problem before it blows up. And giving us a call will be a lot less expensive than hoping it will go away (Pro-tip: It won’t).

When you call us, we will put you on our schedule and will get to you as soon as possible. We don’t want your problem to get any worse any more than you do.

We love working with new homeowners!

Waterproof Solutions Residential Services recommends that new home owners give us a call shortly after they take possession of the property so we can head the issues off before they blow up into much larger ones. We will do a complete diagnostic evaluation of your foundation, basement, flooring, inside and outside walls, and surrounding areas of your yard. These are the areas that are most affected by water leakage.

If a repair is needed, our team of foundation experts will analyze the data and decide upon the best way to solve it and keep your family safe and dry. You can count on us to provide you with the correct foundation repair.

We specialize in older homes

Foundation repair in St Louis means understanding that we live in an old city, filled with a lot of beautiful homes that have problems that are specific to older structures. We know how important it is to fix foundations and basements while protecting the historical value of the house. Our teams are experts in doing exactly that.

Ready to call?

Suspect you have a problem or want to prevent one? Waterproof Solutions Residential Services would love to help! We offer free estimates, are fully insured, have an A+ rating with BBB, and 78+ five-star Google reviews. Call us today for your free foundation evaluation!

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