Waterproof Solutions Residential – Architects and Engineers

Waterproof Solutions Residential believes that a job should be done right the first time, every time. That is why in the St. Louis area, many architects and engineers call upon our foundation services.

The St. Louis area is known for its extremes in temperatures and weather. These weather extremes in St. Louis can spell disaster to a home’s foundation. Many existing homes in St. Louis have experienced foundation sinking, cracking and standing water in the basements. Waterproof Solutions Residential doesn’t just fix a foundation problem, we find solutions for it. That is why architects and engineers call upon our expert services when it comes to home foundations.

Waterproof Solutions Residential can furnish site inspections of soil and land developments, offering recommendations for any soil excavation or expansion. In addition, we offer expert advice for foundation building including such services as sump pump installation, French drains, foundation piering and any necessary foundation repairs to keep in line with St. Louis safety regulations and building codes.