Foundation Repair – Bell Bottom Concrete Piers

A Bell Bottom Pier is a vertical support structure designed to support monolithic poured foundations. It is built by pouring 4000/psi concrete into a sono-tube form placed in an excavated hole and then placing steel #5 rebar cage. Its name is derived from the bottom of the pier, which resembles a bell. For home foundation repair the “bell” or foot provides a large diameter area of support for the pier. Bell Bottom Piers will provide support and stability for concrete slab foundations by resisting the forces of soil movement.

Stabilize Your Foundation

Note: Lifting a footing means, the rest of the foundation is now floating. If mud jacking is used to fill void under the footing which has been raised, (flowable concrete) mud jacking is not sufficient for structural integrity. From an engineering performance standpoint, raising a foundation is rarely a good idea.

Diagnosing piering is best done by exposing footing in floor. This can be done by installing a waterproofing system. Piering and waterproofing go hand in hand. This is the best way to determine the exact amount of piers and not a speculated amount.