Gutter maintenance and Your Foundations

by | Feb 1, 2024

Get there ahead of the problem! February (any month, really) is a great time to check on the condition of your gutters. Do they need to be repaired or replaced? Are they clogged? Or do you not have any at all?

Today Stephen Burton is showing us what can happen to the foundations of our home if we don’t maintain our gutters.



So I’m always griping about the gutters, the gutters, the gutters. Well, why am I doing that? It’s because water’s heavy. Concrete’s tinsel strength is 10 %.

Now, I know you guys hear me say that. And you’re like, what’s tinsel strength?

Well, a paper clip works really good. You bend it apart, you put it on the paper. It does a great job until you bend it too far and it breaks. Concrete is exactly the same way. We have a break in our footing right here. See?

Now, what is a footing? A footing is the first piece of concrete that’s poured, then the wall set on top of it. The footing is generally twice the width of the wall. 8-inch wall, 16-inch footing. Generally, it’s anywhere from 6-10 inches thick. So that’s about what you got. When the footing breaks, it’s because the water pushed it down to a point. Now, we went through a drought and the ground has shrunk. Then when the water comes back, it sits, and And we know that 48 gallons is 400 pounds, and 400 pounds breaks a 4,000 pound pour, and we get thousands of gallons.

So as the gutter failed over here, it pushed the footing down. There’s no way that we were able to put our hand in between the wall and the floor when they poured this. So this now is going to require peering. And this house is already having a whole bunch happening to it in the back. We can see the break in the wall that’s showing up here. But this is all due to gutters, just this spot.

Now, there’s other things going on with this house, but I thought this was a very good time for me to stop and show you why it is I’m having you fix the gutters. Because if you don’t, this is what we’re up against. This is Steven from Waterproof Solutions. Thanks.

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