Foundation Repairs Gone Wrong

by | Mar 4, 2019

Foundation Problems in      Lake St. Louis

Stephen here at Waterproof Solutions. You know, I work out at Lake St. Louis quite a bit, there’s a lot of clay out here and there’s a lot of things that were done as the houses were built that was a bit of in a hurry. Umm, it is what it is, that’s what we’re in the business to do is to fix things.

But there are companies in my industry, I’m not gonna name this company, I rarely do that, umm, they were another franchise that kind of crept into town and now they’re kind of a P.O. Box trying to grab things when it rains real hard.

Waterproofing Mistakes

When this system was put into this house the footings had already failed you see this fake wall that was put in that was lower than the rest of it. This whole system, before it was way up. So, they completely hid the fact that it had a foundation problem.

Either they didn’t know how to deal with it, or they just had a sales guy here, I don’t know, but it was a lack of continuity and the back of this whole house has dropped.

Now they’ve got to spend north of ten thousand dollars getting this thing re-done which they shouldn’t have had to re-do, and then I’ll have it piered.

Call an Experienced and Trusted Foundation Company

So you know when I act kind of a fool and I get all wound up, it’s because these people are my friends and I care about them. My men care about it, we care about this industry.

So if you need something done and you’re not sure how to navigate the water, give Waterproof Solutions a call. We’re here to help. Until next time.