Inspection Process is Paramount

by | Dec 1, 2020

Inspection Requires an Experienced Foundation Specialist

Again, from Waterproofs Solutions. You know, it’s one thing to buy a house that has a bad drainage system in it, it’s another thing for the system that was put in it to be illegal and not detected by the home inspector. Now, believe me, I love home inspectors and no one’s perfect. But when someone buys a house and it has certain aspects to it, can you help me out with this?

We’ve got asbestos tile down here. Now, that’s not the point of the matter is. But we can see that the floor has been broken out. We can see the difference in the concrete. We’ll also notice that we see these plank like looking and it looks like the basement was block.

But if you open up high, you’ll see that it was actually the actual forms were the floor of the House. Total craftsman, great home in the city. But when you’re lied to, so you’ve got this texturing that was put on the wall, which is nice. Well, then you start to come down here and this is a product called ‘Dry Lock’, what a lying name that is it. All it does is hide. And so they paint this product over and the water sits in the wall and kills the wall off.

So now the system that. Oh, by the way, let me show you where this discharge came on with me. This thing is about one on one. So we notice the floor still being broke up. Well, I’ll be Johnny.

They broke it right out and brought it to the sewer. Now, that may be a little hard to see right now, but this pipe was broke out in the dump, discharging into (well that’s nice). And if it works, the machine nonetheless, the system that was put in here now doesn’t work.

And the reality of it is, is this family now is trying to finish this basement. They were sold something that they didn’t get. Should they have to pay for that? No, we have to get good advice when we do things and we have to make sure that people are accountable.

And this isn’t to bust chops. Is it just to make sure that you realize when you buy a house is really important that you hire help to look at it.

Thanks. We’ll talk later.

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