Our Foundation Inspections Could Save You Money

by | Aug 21, 2018

Foundation Inspections Could Save You Money And Misery

Foundation inspections are just one way Waterproof Solutions Residential, can save you money. Many St. Louis residents call us when they have a leak, or a crack, or a flooded basement. But some of them could have been spared a lot of money and misery, if they had called us first, for a foundation inspection.

Call Before You Buy

For $150, we’ll gladly come out and provide a thorough inspection of the property you are considering buying. Whether it’s an apartment building you’re purchasing as a rental investment or a house that will become your home, you need an inspection. If the foundation isn’t strong, eventually it will cost you more, not less. Any profit or equity will be eaten up by repair costs.

Just One Example

Consider this case in point. Within the last year, we were contacted by a real estate professional in the St. Charles County area. This agent was trying to obtain an inspection for a prospective home buyer, during a rainy season. Other foundation companies nearby were busy or unavailable, and so this agent was referred to us by a friend. I happen to answer the phone and made an appointment to see the property the next day.

After I arrived, I realized there was a problem with the house. I hated to be the “bearer of bad news.” The property transaction was in the final stages and I knew the client would be disappointed. But I also knew the disappointment over a missed sale, would be much less than the heartache over the purchase of a property, that would require thousands to repair.

We Know Your Neighborhood

So when you are shopping for a home, let Waterproof Solutions Residential take a look. It pays to call us! We have been repairing foundations all over the St. Louis area for decades. We’ve probably already seen similar basement issues. And we will probably also know the common issues of the neighborhood where you are thinking about buying. If a small fix is required, we can talk to you about that. If it’s a larger problem, we can talk about that too. Whatever the case, I’ll be completely straightforward in my assessment.

We Make New Customers Through Honesty And Fair Business Practices

In life and at home, nothing is more important than foundations. As for the case mentioned above, in the end, we built a new business relationship. And we did so just by showing up in a timely manner and being honest in our evaluation. I hope you will take a moment to read this portion of the review from Angie’s List. This is just one instance where we saved someone a lot of money, and a very large headache.

“Steve was genuinely disappointed for my client and made sure to let her know that he would be available to come and look at any other property that she found in the future prior to any other Inspections so that she could avoid any further frustrating and expensive situations in the future. Integrity is something all too often lost in this industry and in the real estate industry as well for that matter, and it is truly comforting when you find someone that understands it’s importance. Steve is that someone, and although I did not realize it at the time those other companies not answering their phone or even returning my phone call was the best thing they could’ve ever done for me and my clients. I feel blessed to have found a company with such a strong set of core values and would strongly recommend Waterproof Solutions to any of my friends, family, or clients!”

Read the complete Angie’s List review here.