Preventing Damage to Foundations and Walls with a Lift Station

by | May 1, 2024

Stephen Burton and the Waterproof Team are visiting a home that needs an exterior drainage system that helps direct water away from the structure. Stephen points out that some of the work done on this home was done by him some years ago and that he knows a great deal more now than he did then.

He is showing the homeowner to areas of concern and talking the best way to tackle the issues, including adding a lift station pump that will help direct water away from the foundations.

Listen in as he takes ownership of his own work and the changes he’s making that will come out of his own pocket.


Thanks for having me out. Mr. Know-it-all has to eat a little crow today. It’s like in my own house. I have a black pipe going in the concrete. I have screens on my gutters. I do. He put them on there when I bought them. I didn’t want it. It’s funny because I live on the top of mountain. I don’t get anything up there, so I leave them there.

You’ll hear me say, No screens, no gutter guards, dad-gummit, because you’re going to break your walls. All right. Well, I preach and I tell everybody what needs to be done, every once in a while, this little cocky guy needs to be brought down to, And guess what I did here, folks? Yes, that’s right. That’s a Black Pipe, kids, and that’s been ate up by everything but what should be. There’s no clean out on that. We already have issues. We got great size gutters. We’re not getting the water out well enough. So this must have been when I just started to wake up to the fact that, Hey, you know what? I better think about what’s happening and why it’s happening and not just sell.

But I was from a sales mentality. And so I sell when you go to a house when you first look at it because I can do this. I’ll sell them as much, and I’ll do this. And I wasn’t designing. I was selling. So having said that, I’m making some fun, but it’s reality. Water causes this decay to a wall.

It doesn’t just happen. It doesn’t just like, Oh, the ground settled. No. We have to be mindful. There’s things happen, action and reaction. And if something doesn’t make sense, we need to ask about it.

So I’m glad to be able to jump on all this. I can take care of this because we’re going to redo this. And guess what? I’m going to redo it on my dime because I’ve learned something. If you don’t share this with the people that you do business with, the girl you’re at the dance, why would you go after new work? So when I bought the business outright in ’16, I was able to make all the changes in the world, and they’ve been for the good. Having said that, if you walk with me carefully on these steps, we’re going to talk about the courtyard next.

Again, water being heavy, 36 gallons is 300 pounds, 500 gallons, 4,170. I say that to show you why this is happening. Once we manage it a little better, we can, and we don’t want to tie things together. So this is very well tied to that. This whole edition is getting ripped out, so I can care less about all this moving forward because it’s about to be new. So having said that, this part of my wall in here is bad in the sense that I want to get to the rebar. It’s a horizontal crack about a foot down, and I want to get to both sides of that properly with carbon fibers so that I can make super strong because it’s a critical point. The other part is this gutter is full and a lot of repeated back splash. We also have a sump discharge here. So we want to make sure that we do a dig out, seal this properly so that we don’t have this continued ravaging split of the rebar. When this downspout, there’s a whole water network that should be taken to the back and around. As we make our way to the front, this is probably, careful with the gate here.

This is probably the neat thing to have found out now. If we did… There’s water management that needs to be done. We have a tilted situation back this way, going to the street, especially in this neighborhood, is not a very good idea. We can see by where the water sits that we want this to make it all the way to the property in the back. When this gets cleared, and this tree probably removed. Yeah, they’re all Great. Now you have this brand new path to sit a pipeline that can go through that we’ve been sending. Maybe buck up and buy a six or eight-inch pipe. It’s expensive. If they have a big enough one to flush it forever to bring them all to, it might be worth it. It’s something to look at. But this management of water, getting it around and back into the end, that’s the key because where it’s hurting the house the most, if you come to the front now. Now, I’m going to say this just because I I like what I like and I’m trying to be–trying–I strive. I sail straight. This hump is not helping anything.

If you could ask them to make this go bye-bye, man, are you miles ahead? Having said that, we’ve got the most Say, Paris, right here. This is where your issues lie because your electric panel’s there and it’s eating the fire out of the wall on both sides here. We have A lot of stuff, a lot of wires, and a lot of things in here. 

So I think we want to get a lift station put out here, lower than that, get the water to it so we can lift it out in a way. Now, why would I want my lift station out here when it’s lower over there? Because I’m going to make it lower here. And if and when that time bomb goes off, which, hey, power has been out for whatever, the pump is not able to activate outside. We don’t want to have a moat next to the house holding a ton of water. So it’ll be out here with rock taking it over to the drain. It’s not going to the back. So it has a backup system of gravity once it gets full and goes backwards. So now you have a backup to your backup. 

And that’s what you do outside here. The rest of it is water management with the gutters, and that’s all going to happen as that new addition gets put on. We can talk about maybe where to put them and get some cleanouts on them. So there could be some additions there, but we can stop the movie here and then talk some more.

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