Waterproof Solutions Residential – Diagnostic Service

When you have water problems in your home, it is time to call the experts! Waterproof Solutions Residential Services in the St. Louis area will give you a thorough, honest evaluation of the problems you are experiencing and help you find the best, most cost-effective solution.

By using the latest, most cutting edge thermal energy technology, we can find the source of water problems before water floods your basement or does costly damage to your home. We will also inspect your home for underlying water issues in and around your home’s foundation.

Cracks in your foundation and water in your basement can cause more than just structural damage. It can cause mold issues and radon leakage, which could lead to more serious complications. These are problems your family should not have to deal with.

Call Waterproof Solutions Residential today for a free evaluation of your residential property, including an evaluation of your finished basement. We will provide expert, honest observations and offer you permanent solutions.