Re-routing Water

by | Jun 10, 2021

Repairs like this are why you have a company like Waterproof Solutions come out to your house.

I’m out here in God’s country, it is absolutely beautiful out here. But we’ve got a couple of things outside that are hurting the appearance of the house we’re working on today.

The Problem

I want to stop right here and let the homeowner know we appreciate them letting us share this information about their home.

The house we’re working on has a couple of problems.

First, it needs new gutters. Gutters are very inexpensive and upgrading them will help. I’m not a big fan of the gutters that have guards.


I can understand sometimes wanting something over the top, but what we don’t want to do it install something that makes the water jump over the gutter. We’ll start by replacing that gutter and run a downspout that gets the water at least 10′ away.

Second, this house sits at the bottom of a landscape that slopes toward it.

Did you know 36 gallons of water = 300 lbs.? And 300 lbs. of water can break a 3000 lb. pour? But who cares about the numbers unless all that water is hurting the wall of a home.

Concrete is really strong when we compress it against the ground, but it’s not as strong when we hit it straight on. That’s why we don’t want to have 300 lbs. of water hitting our foundation or our walls.

The porch for this house sits on a foundation and the actual wall of the house sits behind that. The wall is developing diagonal and vertical cracks which we can fix. Fortunately, none of them are leaking yet, which is good. And we’re going to fix them.

But before we do, we have to fix the water issues or the “why” that’s causing the cracks.

 The Why

We’ve got a naturally sloping landscape and driveway that run downward toward the house. You can imagine what 2″ of rain can do when it all runs toward the house and the foundations. This is  why there are cracks. And this is our why.

The Solution

There’s an old tree in the front yard that needs to come down. This works for us.  Once the root ball is removed, we will be able to divert the water into the hole left by the tree. That can be done with a Bobcat and a tree guy in a single afternoon. And it will be much better for the house.

Once that is accomplished, then the permanent repairs can be done inside to the wall and the homeowner won’t have to worry about having any other water-related issues. Then you are being a good steward of the property.


At the end of the day, Waterproof Solutions doesn’t just chase your symptoms, we take “the why” away so you’ll be in better shape.

Thanks a lot! We appreciate you.