Say “No” to Plastic on the Walls

by | Sep 27, 2019

Plastic is never a good solution for foundation repair.

Good morning Stephen here. I’m here today to talk about foundations.

You know I just put something up a year ago, where I was talking about the plastic on the wall. And how a lot of times the franchises want to just cover it up. It makes us feel good because it’s clean and nice. That makes all of us feel good on some level, when the walls are nice and clean. 

If this has happened to you, I’m not trying to throw rocks. But I am going to call a spade a spade. Here’s why this is a problem.

Plastic Covers Problems You Should See

And at the end of the day if I put plastics up on the wall, it will cover up a multitude of problems. If something happens behind it I can never see it. This is a permanent change to the wall. It’s not put up in a way it can be taken down. There are the rivets, so they permanently attach to the wall. The wall can never be seen again without this all being torn down. And oh, by the way, your warranty is no longer valid.

When you do negative end waterproofing where you allow the water to come in. I don’t care if it’s through a crack through lots of cracks through motor through stone or whatever, the water will then sit right where the patch is. You don’t want that to happen. Yes it will look good because it’s covered up. But once the water comes in, the damage begins. 

She finally took down this plastic. This break now runs this whole wall. Now outside there’s a flue for this furnace. And this is going to have to be talked about, because it does go through it. There is a tilting flue outside. The brick is coming away which is hurting the wall a little bit, which was the problem we came to examine.

Then she tells me about the company that did the work. And this wasn’t a franchise this was a lunch bucket outfit, following the leaders and the big names, thinking they were doing something right. Well this isn’t right. The back of the house is continuing to fail and sink.

So whatever push pier was done by this company, which is when you put a rod into the ground and push, then connect another and so forth. The problem is this kind of foundation repair follows the path of least resistance. 

When we stabilize something, we need to make sure it’s sitting still. There should be benchmarks created, so we can see if there has been movement later. Otherwise, how can you check it?

Once again, another house with thousands and thousands of dollars spent, in the city without a permit. There’s a reason we’re required to get a permit. It’s bad enough I didn’t have to take a test and neither did your home inspector. I’m not throwing rocks but it is what it is. And now look. At first glance it looks clean and good. 

Now the issues that were never fixed and the cracks that were never repaired are starting to show. Don’t let this happen to you folks.

If you have questions about your foundation or want to talk about a repair, give us a call. We’re happy to answer your questions.