SSCI Bus Tour Waterproof Foundation St. Louis

by | Oct 3, 2018

Waterproof Solutions STL Residential Repairs Foundation on Green Forest Dr., St. Louis

Watch the video and take the Waterproof Solutions StL Residential tour of this basement repair. The basement wall of this home was bowing out about three inches, damaging the duct work and the framing.

The source of the problem was a backyard that was sloped toward the house. Work had to be done in the basement and in the backyard, to make this home structurally sound again.

Business owner Stephen Burton says character is everything in the foundation business. He told the audience his company performs repairs that will stand for 30 years, not three or four. “We’re about saving things and bringing them back. We want to give somebody something that is better than what they expected,” said Burton.

In this video, Burton talks about the diagnosis, cure and the cost to repair this foundation properly. At the end of the video he continues the discussion outside, where he talks about the dirt work in the backyard.