The grade of your lawn is important, because it carries water away from your house. How your yard is graded will determine where stormwater flows.

The slope doesn’t need to be very steep. Generally a drop of one inch per foot, per six feet will be enough.

This is an area of your yard that requires ongoing management. Topsoil washes away with heavy rains. Tree roots and other plantings can change the grade of your yard over time. If you live in a new home, it could take decades for the soil to truly settle.

Checking Your Grade

If you aren’t sure the grade of your lawn is adequate, take a look around your yard. Usually spring rains will point it out for you. If you notice water pooling in low lying areas, especially near the foundation, you have a problem.

Inadequate Grade Can Cause:

  • Wet basement
  • Hydrostatic pressure can push into the foundation
  • Overworked sump pump

Fixing a Grade Yourself

Correcting a grade in a small area can be simple enough, if you are willing to do the work yourself. A shovel, a wheelbarrow and some muscle will take care of it. You could also hire a landscaping company to do it, if you just don’t feel up to the task.

Check Gutters and Downspouts

No matter how much dirt you move, your time will be wasted if your gutters aren’t clean and functioning properly. Gutters must also have a proper grade in order to keep the water moving away from your house. We cannot stress enough how important clean gutters are for the health and safety of your foundation. As we often say, “If you don’t manage your yard, your yard will manage you.”

When to Call a Professional

If your task is more than something you can correct yourself, or if:

  • You notice any water or moisture in your basement
  • The problem, even a small one, wasn’t corrected immediately
  • It requires more energy and expertise than you really have

If any of the above statements apply, then you should contact a foundation company like Waterproof Solutions Foundation Specialists to take a look. Sometimes a small puddle can damage a big basement. When you call us for a foundation inspection, we’ll look at everything inside and out. If we think there is damage to the foundation, we’ll show you exactly where.

“They did quality work in a timely manner. Stephen will tell you what you need and not sell you anything that you don’t need.”  Adam

The thought of a foundation repair can be overwhelming. But one thing is for sure, it will only grow over time. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. We also invite you to watch some of our Danger Videos to learn more about the work we do.