All right here, we can see the rust coming through, and this is the front, this is where the front of the garage is. So obviously it’s more exposed, it’s going to be. So this is where that main rebar break is.

So we’re going to grind this down. And I believe we’ve got a few feet of cracks are going to show itself in this area here. What happens is it gets underneath this paint, just wants to kind of bubble up. So I would wire brush it. If you want to paint the ceiling, just kind of whitewash it. So it’s not, you know, real. You want it to have a perm rating. You want it to breathe.

So in here, these are the tabs that we were talking about. So there’s really just these are spots where they’ve come back with some hydraulic cement just to patch. So we’ll come back over the top of that and as well as go down that with carbon.

See the Rebar Break

You can see the break here. What does the carbon do? The carbon makes it strong. That’s a good question. Carbon fibers, ten thousand psi. This is only three or four. So as long as we’ve taken care of our why, we’re in good shape.

You see this break? Yeah, happens here. Mm hmm. So when we get in here with a lot of light, we’re going to start to see what’s actually going on. So we’re going to be prepared to go ahead and hit. Those areas I don’t see there’s a spot over here, a couple feet.

Over here in this corner, I want a lot of time spent. This area has a lot of issues, so I went that pretty well to be carboned in. I just don’t want to have and let’s go ahead run down the snap-tie area. I don’t want any issues for it to want to walk its way, so.

The next pictures I’ll take video will be outside on the floor, and at that point on the top up there, we really don’t want to put carbon on the drive part. You’re going to just have a very high semanticist material to put on it because carbon wouldn’t be put there, would make it, wouldn’t look right. So we’re going to patch the top of the floor and that may require patching from time to time because concrete just doesn’t stick the concrete super well.

We will put in piece these events where it will stick better than normal. The big thing will be grinding down that rot so that we can coat it or it will continue to grow. So next picture will be outside.

If you think you have an issue with your foundation, contact us. We’re happy to answer your questions as honestly as we can.