Sam Morrow

Sam Morrow recently joined the Waterproof Solutions Residential team as an office and field support specialist. Morrow will be assisting with communications and operations management of the office, located in Fenton, Mo. Her job will also include some responsibilities in the field, related to providing documentation and details necessary for bids.

“Sam is the perfect person at the perfect time. She will be a great asset and a great team member, as we move forward with our goals to expand our online presence. We want our website to be more than a marketing tool for us. We also want it to be an industry resource for builders, engineers, realtors, customers, etc. I’m confidant Sam’s organizational skills, past experience and work ethic will help us move the needle in the right direction,” said Stephen Burton, owner of Waterproof Solutions, Residential.

Already an industry leader in the St. Louis area, Burton and his IT team are working to create a website that will serve as a resource guide for all aspects of foundation repair. He hopes others will use the site to determine the correct “fix” for basement and foundation problems. He plans to pour his decades of experience as a foundation expert into the website, in hopes of saving others wasted time and money on the wrong kinds of repairs.

“It’s great to be working for a company with such a strong ethical compass. I look forward to working with and helping our clients, many of whom are really afraid when they call us,” said Morrow.