The way a Foundation Company Should Operate

by | Sep 26, 2017

At Waterproof Solutions, our character and expertise separate us from the pack.

Waterproof Solutions Residential is a locally owned and operated foundation maintenance company. Our company’s owner, Stephen Burton, is a foundation repair veteran with over 20 years of experience in residential waterproofing.

The state of St. Louis’ residential foundation maintenance and repair industry is highly concerning. Many large foundation companies tend to beef up their bottom line by cutting corners. Whether they are recommending unnecessary services, over-charging customers for basic installations or incorrectly completing a simple task, these companies can cost consumers valuable time and money.

That is no way to run a successful business. For us, it isn’t just about maximizing our short-term profits.

When Stephen Burton started Waterproof Solutions, he instilled the values of integrity and honesty into the company’s culture. We aim to establish and grow a reputation of consistency and transparency. That means providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your foundation, conducting each foundation service as if we were working on our own home, and sticking with the job until it is both finished and correct. 

Our vision is passed throughout our organization, from the hiring process to the extensive training and re-training as the industry grows.

This vision lead Waterproof Solutions toward becoming an industry leader and an expert at residential waterproofing. In practice, it translates into top of the line, quality workmanship and product for all your residential waterproofing needs.

Honest communication, attention to detail, and the belief that getting it right the first time saves our customers time, money and stress, has made Waterproof Solutions Residential the industry leader in residential waterproofing in the St. Louis area today.

Waterproof Solutions Residential provides basement waterproofing, structural and foundation repair, and diagnostics for all your residential needs in St. Louis and the surrounding areas. Additionally, we offer foundation engineering services with our Waterproof Solutions teams. We guarantee an exceptional, transparent, affordable experience with each service.

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