Tips From the Foundation Expert

by | Jun 12, 2019

Hi, Stephen here, Waterproof Solutions. So, we are at my fellow Pirates house over here on, in Ballwin. We’ve got a house, the cast and place house that we talked about the foundation and the footings being broken.

With this finished basement being so tight, we’re unable to see what was right and what was wrong with the house, so we were asked to come out and take a look at the water. And then the water brought us to structural issues.

The Foundation Damage

One issue was that the wall wasn’t exactly poured straight to start with. But there was some lateral sewer work that’s been done to it. Whenever that big glut of water comes and goes away, that does affect the foundation. And as we know from the back, the floor wasn’t real thick. 

The other diagonal crack was found, and it’s here. So, the wall did get thumped a little in the front, we’re gonna take care of that by putting carbon on that, as well as the other diagonal.

There’s also a small planter out front here and we want to make sure that that’s not holding water as well. So, after taking care of that, we’ve got this wall crack here that we see is open at the top, quite a bit, tight at the bottom. That shows down and away. Down and away’s telling us that the foundation has settled this way.

We see it pretty much in its extreme at this doorway where its been reset and re-wrenched quite a few times even since it’s been taken apart, we see where the rebar is blowing out the top of the wall. The other axis of evil, to quote George Bush, which I’m sure is just lighting a lot of you up real well. I just like doing it. Sorry.

The Waterproof Solution

So, we’re gonna put some closed cell in here and then put carbon on that. Carbon is like putting braces on the teeth, it makes the wall strong again. So, waterproofing is the closed cell, carbon’s the strength, piering sets it still, the waterproofing keeps it dry. And no one on the face of the earth has ever said, hey let me show you my new waterproofing, or piering… no? No, but, til next time we’ll keep helping ya. Take care of yourself.