Wasted Money on Wrong Repair

by | Oct 2, 2021

Wasted Money Caused by the Wrong Repair

In this video, we are discussing why making the wrong repair to a foundation can be so much more expensive than doing it right in the first place.

Someone tried to fix a bowing basement wall by anchoring the metal support to the floor instead of the footing. Either that, or they drove the bolts four inches through the floor and hoped they’d hit it. In one place, they placed the top support between two cross beams, running the braces through the beams. And in another, they attached the entire brace to a single beam.

And with all this—unbelievably—left the crack unfixed.

There is no way any of this would work without a piering leg. And because the foundation wasn’t repaired correctly the first time, the supports have pivoted and there are now more cracks.

All this material will have to be removed and the correct repair installed. It all amounts to a lot of wasted money.

This is Steve with Waterproof Solutions! Thanks for joining me!