Why You Need to Inspect Foundations when Buying a Home

by | Dec 22, 2017

Foundation Inspections from a third-party expert let you know exactly what you’re getting into

Imagine someone moving into their dream home only to discover one year later that their foundation has some serious problems. Turns out the crack in the concrete on the side of the home is much more crippling than they originally thought. Depending on the issue, this could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars out of their pocket.

Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common.

What is most troubling for us at Waterproof Solutions is how avoidable a lot of these surprise repairs are. If you are buying a home, it’s important important you take a rational approach to the buying process so you aren’t blind sided with unanticipated damages. At the very least, you can be sure of what you are up against and how it will affect your home’s value.

Oftentimes, being on the safe side simply means hiring a third-party professional to take a look at the foundation.Foundation inspections reduce uncertainty and arm you with the knowledge you need to make the best decision possible for you and your family.

Here are two powerful ways a foundation inspection adds value to your purchase:

Ensuring value down the road

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying a house because it is a very personal transaction. Because of this, of course things like location and layout are incredibly important. You and your family may be creating memories at your next home for years to come, so it’s important whatever you decide on feels right.

We tend to get excited when a new home feels like the perfect fit and that leads us to overlook possible underlying issues. It’s a lot like a teenager buying their first car; sure it has cool rims and a new stereo, but that doesn’t always mean it is a good vehicle. The same goes for buying a home.

Foundation inspections allow you to look under the hood and gauge the true quality of your new home’s health. After a thorough inspection, you’ll know exactly what the problems and risks associated with the house are. You can then use that information to decide if the stereo and rims are worth it.

It’s very important to remember, however, that what is acceptable for you may not be good enough for the next buyer. If you really like the house’s location and feel, you might be willing to overlook a small crack in the concrete.

However, there is no guarantee the next buyer will feel the same when it is your turn to sell. Thus, foundation inspections not only let you determine if it is the right investment for you, but they also give you an idea of what to expect later on…

Managing your expectations

Foundation inspections legitimize transactions because they give you a more complete understanding of your potential new home.

If you’re buying a property you want to be sure it’s a home you will be a good steward of. Knowing exactly what it will take to keep the quality up to your standards empowers you to take a realistic approach. This means not only knowing the home’s faults, but also having a rock-solid understanding of both the causes and solutions for them.

Most real estate transactions involve a home inspector. These professionals usually do a great job providing an overview of the home’s health, but oftentimes fall behind in other categories. That’s because a home inspector isn’t typically an expert on one particular area. While they can point out the problems you may need to face as a homeowner, they can’t always provide an actionable solution.

Foundation inspection professionals, like the team at Waterproof Solutions, have a trained eye for anything foundation related. Overall, they are more equipped to give an accurate diagnosis.

Foundation experts can more closely see how a crack is forming on the concrete or why the walls are slightly bowed. Once the problem is identified, they can construct a strategy to help fix the underlying issue as effectively as possible.

Sometimes the problem isn’t as bad as it looks. In that case, a foundation inspection gives you peace of mind. You’ll feel much more comfortable putting a large sum of money into the home knowing the foundation is reliable.


Although foundation problems can seem like a huge deal initially, it is important to remember that is just a house. Industry leaders have developed sophisticated procedures that are efficient, affordable and minimally invasive.

With this in mind, identifying a problem with a home’s foundation isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker. Any necessary repairs or maintenance are more than likely worth it if the house is exactly what you are looking for.

Foundation inspections don’t exist to discourage you from buying a home. In fact, they are much more about injecting an element of transparency and integrity when you are making a financial decision that could impact you for years.

If you are interested in partnering with a foundation expert, Waterproof Solutions is here to help. We don’t take the approach of what we like and what we want. Instead, we focus on providing as much information as possible and being a transparent contact company. Foundation inspections in the St. Louis area are affordable and oftentimes a home buyer is reimbursed their payment if a repair ends up being necessary. To learn more about our foundation inspection process, contact us today! 

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