Waterproof Solutions Residential – Realtors and Investors

The St. Louis professionals at Waterproof Solutions Residential are experienced in working with realtors and investors alike. From a realtor’s standpoint, they get to see both perspectives, that of the home buyer and the home seller. Both are unique in what they want to accomplish by the home buy or sell.

This is where Waterproof Solutions Residential can lend their expert knowledge to the situation. We can make recommendations of what foundation repairs should be finished before the home is sold. If the foundation of the home has been compromised, Waterproof Solutions Residential will do a thorough inspection and query to ascertain if there has been negligence on the part of a previous contractor, and if the foundation work is still under warranty. Many homes in St. Louis and surrounding areas will carry a transferrable warranty with the home when it is sold.

For real estate investors in the St. Louis area, Waterproof Solutions Residential can provide before-purchase inspections of a potential investment. This can include an estimate of any repairs deemed necessary.

Call us today to see what a difference Waterproof Solutions Residential can make for your investment, home purchase, or home sell. Waterproof Solutions Residential takes pride in our honesty, professionalism, quality products, and expert workmanship.